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Ownership Review of the 2015 Ford Focus Titanium 2.0L 4 Cyl. FlexFuel Sedan

Auto visualizado: 2015 Ford Focus Titanium 2.0L 4 Cyl. FlexFuel Sedan
Descripción del video

The 2015 Ford Focus Titanium is a rather difficult car to maintain. The headlights’ set-up will not allow for reliable bulb changes, given their multiple fastener and panel removals and delicate constructions. Changing the cabin air filter may be a problem, as its location in the footwell of the vehicle may prove difficult to reach. The petcock, oil drain plug, and oil filter will be a problem to reach, given their location underneath the vehicle and behind a large panel that will be cumbersome to navigate around.

However, the 2015 Ford Focus has its upsides. The main tail lights housing removes without the use of any tools, allowing for reliable access to the bulbs. Connecting your phone via Bluetooth isn’t a problem, as the instructions via the touchscreen menu are very straightforward. The spare tire and jack kit are packaged together, allowing for easy set-up in the event of a flat.

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