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Ownership Review of the 2009 Ford Flex SEL 3.5L V6

Auto visualizado: 2009 Ford Flex SEL 3.5L V6
Descripción del video

The 2009 Ford Flex SEL is easy to maintain. The headlights are accessible by simply reaching behind their housings, allowing for reliable bulb changes whenever necessary. Replacing the battery won’t be a problem, given the open access to both the non-remote terminals and the bracket. Changing the engine air filter will be easy to do as no tools are necessary to disengage the housing to access the filter itself.

However, the 2009 Ford Flex SEL has its downsides. Multiple bolts will need to be removed before the tail light housing can be pried out for access to the bulbs themselves, which won’t allow for reliable changes. Accessing the interior fuse box may be a problem given the cramped position of it in the footwell of the vehicle. The connection points of the upper radiator hose may be challenging to access given obstructed location of the hose in the engine bay.

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