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Ownership Review of the 2008 Toyota Sienna CE 3.5L V6 Mini Passenger Van

Auto visualizado: 2008 Toyota Sienna CE 3.5L V6 Mini Passenger Van
Descripción del video

The 2008 Toyota Sienna CE is a moderately easy car to maintain, and a good choice for the average car owner. The headlight is reliably accessible by simply reaching behind the housing. Both the front and rear wiper blades are no problem to change on this vehicle. Other models will require the use of tools to change the blade, and this model does not. The oil drain plug is easily accessible underneath the vehicle. Many other models will require you to remove a cover in order to access the drain plug, making an oil change much easier on this vehicle.

Some things are difficult on the 2008 Toyota Sienna CE. You will have to lower the spare tire from beneath the vehicle in order to access. This can be difficult, as the lowering mechanism can grow rusted to the vehicle over time. Both of the taillights are tough to access, as you will need a variety of tools in order to access either bulb. Checking the engine coolant fluid level can be tough, as the fluid reservoir is located in a not overly visible spot in the engine bay.

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