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Ownership Review of the 2006 Honda Pilot EX 3.5L V6

Auto visualizado: 2006 Honda Pilot EX 3.5L V6
Descripción del video

The 2006 Honda Pilot EX is a relatively difficult car to maintain. The fog lights won’t allow for reliable bulb changes as a panel underneath the vehicle that is secured by multiple fasteners will first need to be pried back for access. Changing the second front turn signal may also be a problem, as you’ll need to pry back the wheel well lining in order to reach it. The spare tire needs to be lowered from underneath the vehicle for access, which could be troublesome should it ever become rusted to the undercarriage.

However, the 2006 Honda Pilot EX has its upsides. The rest of the headlights can be reliably accessed by simply reaching behind the bulb housing. Both of the fuse boxes are easy to access as well, and the provided fuse puller makes electrical troubleshooting more convenient. Changing the wiper blades won’t be a problem, as no tools are needed to remove them.

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